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Black screen crash with certain games

Black screen during 7 startup.restart with BSOD in Safe Mode

Long delay after windows start screen

Black Screen death-Linked to Graphics Card!

Tried to upgrade to Win 10 Preview. Blackscreen during setup. No boot.

Cannot boot up 7 (black screen after BIOS)

Seemingly Random BSOD or Black Screen + Windows Failed Update

Remote Destop Connects but Remote Host Screen Stays BLACK

Desktop doesn't load just a black screen

Another Black Screen

Black Screen on Dell U2410Extended Monitor when connected to HP Laptop

BSOD playing games as well as frequent monitor blackout

black screen white cursor

Black Screen after Windows Logo - waits 2 minutes

Black Screen after installing Intel VGA Driver

Win7 Fails to boot before log in

black screen at loading windows 7 64bit in normal mode

Black screen after login (Win 7 64-bit)

Windows 7 black screen and cursor - Graphics card related

Logon Screen is blank most of the time

Black screen after login for some seconds

Window 7 home premium (black screen of death)

Black Screen Of Death with msouse.

blackscreen crashes

Black SOD at startup

WIN 7 64 bit with SP1 Mouse slow to startup

Black screen with cursor

Windows 7 black screen after login

Black screen appears while trying to update Intel HD 3000 driver

black screen after splash before login - restarts

BSOD usually while using GoToAssist

pc screen blank.

Win7Pro: Explorer.exe doesn't display for user

Black screen after updates

BSOD/Black Screens/Restarts While Gaming

Computer starts up with Windows Vista boot screen

Black screen on startup after running antivirus

Black Screen Help

Windows 7 Black Screen of Death (work around)

KSOD on startup

windows 7 black screen help - tried all known options - please help

Black Screen

Black screen with cursor installing Win7 from USB

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