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BSOD When Computer Startup.

Blue screen on startup

BSoD on startup

Computer is getting blue

Random BSOD New system

Need help figuring out what the Blue Screen is.

Blue screen of death virus

BSOD once or twice a day no explanation

Seven BSOD Shutdown

BSOD As soon as desktop loads

BSOD at shutdown

Different BSOD at each reboot

Bsod for new pc

3 BSOD's in one hour

Sudden Repeat BSOD

Getting a blue screen of death!

BSOD after logging in after restarting.

BSOD usualy when I watch youtube videos.

Crashes Sometimes/BSOD with different error messages.

BSOD after fresh install

BSOD while downloading on Windows 7 Ultimate

BSOD after installing new harddrive

BSOD when going to sleep or hibernation mode

BSOD happens quite often

BSOD General Use

BSOD repeatedly with different errors

Random BSOD : ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x7CC40) Driver Power State Failure

Several sudden BSODs

BSOD while playing any game

Win 7 Blue Screen

BSOD - which driver is culprit?

BSOD connecting to wifi network

BSOD on awake after overnight Sleep.

BSOD because of a video game

BSOD Wireless Adapter


bsod while doing anything

BSOD New installation - windows updates

BSOD Crash after logging in.

Random BSODs on new custom built pc error 0x00000f4

Win7 x64 Random BSOD's

A different cause of BSoD this time?

BSOD after exporting from music DAW

BSOD Browsing Internet

another BSOD after re-installing w7

Blue Screen Problem with window 7 hp laptop

BSOD after shutdown hangs for a while

Multiple BSODs pointing to many diferent drivers

bsod once every 3-4 days

Random BSOD in computer's start-up

BSOD during playing gaming and random Idle Time

Blue Screen after closing certain program

Blue screen and application crash

BSOD on start up

BSOD while watching films

Bluescreen window 7

BSOD - Possibly memory issues?

Various BSOD while doing pretty much anything

laptop hangs and crashes(blue screen) very frequently

BSOD using anything with sound

BSOD every time running windows normally.

BSOD on occassion while starting up my Laptop

BSOD any time intensive use on computer

BSOD playing Skyrim and other games

BSOD when laptop is sleeping

Multiple BSOD every day - Various Error Codes

Error bluescreen on install

random BSOD happens at random times

Help: Frequent Blue Screen

Continious BSOD

Frequent BSOD with various errors and odd noises.

BSOD when playing games and During Online Diagnostic

BSOD is creating havoc

BSOD playing any game.

BSOD when loading certain steam games.

BSOD on after logging in

Help! Bsod

BSOD using the Internet.

BSOD playing video games

BSOD Occuring during many different actions *50 *19 *07

BSOD Problem (content attached)

Bsod after startup and after sleepmode

Dell XPS crashed

BSOD while away from computer

Random blue screen of death at Start Up or Shutdown Only

BSOD appears 15 seconds after log in

Numerous BSODs with different error codes

My computer keeps turning off with a blue screen

BSOD when wake up from hibernation/sleep

Constant BSOD increasing each day

BSOD after removing a virus named scan antivirus

Random Blue Screen or shutdown

Blue Screen Memory Dump while browsing internet

BSODs and loss of internet connection upon restart

BSOD while gaming (Phantasy Star Online 2)

BSOD problem occurs whenever I try to strat BLUESTACKS

BlueScreen when in Sleep mode .

Randomly get BSOD

BSOD while writing email

Can someone help me with Blue Screen Problems?

BSOD while minimun use and not in gamming

Random BSOD and game lockup.

BSOD while playing video on various browser (Chrome

Windows crashes with errors 7B

Help with BlueScreen error

BSOD when trying to do clean install a Win7 ultimate 64bit

Random BSOD and computer freezing. Several different errors

Random Crashes and BSOD

BSOD while booting the laptop

Blue screen crash when shuttingdown

BSODs :(

Random BSOD about a four months now

BSOD seems to be random and immediately after login

BSOD when computer is left on too long

BSOD when repairing installation

BSOD wont stop

Blue Screen. New computer. Help me please! BSOD

BSOD before and after reformat

Graphics related BSOD?

BSOD Everytime I Play Games

BSOD after log in

BSOD possible ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x7CC40)

BSOD while copieing/pasting link or any other longer informations

BSOD from driver?

random windows 7 BSOD crashes help please

BSOD on launch

Having Everything Crash And Bsod

bsod under normal use

Still getting the blue screen

BSOD - Different reason every time. Please help

Bsod again.

Bi-Daily BSOD with the same error code

Blue screen on Windows 7 On games and vids reproductions.

BSOD loop while booting W7 Pro

BSOD - Random - Driver Issue?

help plz bluescreen crash

BSOD's potentially related to bad RAM/HDD

Random laptop BSOD

BSOD problem sometime every 5 minute

BSOD shortly after startup

Blue screen errors - About 3-4 times a day

BSOD awakening the display

BSOD after startup.

BSOD in Windows 7 Prof - BCCode: d1

Serious BSOD and Mouse problems

BSOD starting Windows

Occasional BSOD's

BSOD after playing the game

BSOD Due to Graphics Card? HELP!

Constant BSOD

BSOD: Major Issue

Plz help random blue screens

BSOD for many reasons

BSOD at any given moment

Win 7 Pro alters screen frequently

BSOD is crippling my computer! Please help!

BSOD win 7 x64

BSOD while restarting computer

Win 7 BSOD error

BSOD on Windows 7.

BSOD dispite OS drive change

4 BSOD in the last 5 days. BSOD randomly.

Blue screen.cannot log in.

Bsod win7 ultimate 64 bit

BSOD while gaming and watching stream

Frequent BSOD even after a clean windows install

BSOD problem:(

Occasional BSOD

Rare BSOD became far too common

BSOD when logging in

random crashes and blue screen

Random BSOD - again =\

BSoD - while coming out of sleep mode?

BSOD in games/flightsim menu 0x00000116

BSOD! Please help!

Video Recorder causing blue screen of death

Blue Screen - ntoskrnl.exe

Another Windows 7 user with BSOD problems.

Checkdisk being forcefully rebooted then BSOD happens

BSOD every time start up laptop

Blue screen 0x1000007e USA19H2k.sys

When booting Windows it stays loading for about 5 min and then BSOD

Windows constantly receiving errors in normal boot

Windows 7 BSOD

BSOD after fresh install and login

BSOD involving usb audio and/or internet

Frequent BSOD and rebooting

New Computer Please help BSOD

random BSOD and constant restarts

Requesthelp for another win7 BSOD

BSOD while starting Windows 7 Ultimate

Blue Screen: A page table page has been corrupted win7?

BSOD after reboot for program install. BSOD @ Win 7 splash screen

Many BSOD's

BSOD on Desktop (Clean Install)

Randomly BSOD :(

BSOD error after reinstall because of broken HD

Bluescreen again but not so often

Blue screen

BSOD 000021a error while playing fifa 12 and hp7

BSOD Caused By Graphic Drivers -- Seems to occur at random times

Need help with BSOD issues

BSOD random crashes

BSOD when starting the computer/video card?

Blue Screen Of Death! :(

very typical bsod!

New BSOD problem.

64-bit Win7 can't handle 4 GB RAM without BSOD/reboots?

Blue screen error in windows 7 professional

BSOD watching netflix streaming and other times

Random BSOD On New Dell Inspiron 7737

BSOD (Laptop)

Help with BSoD Issue

BSOD Issues Resurfacing

BSOD Playing any games

Various BSOD in games

BSoD still occur after format many times~

BSOD-Possibly due to Virus Attack

why am i getting bsods on my new dell?

bluescreenview help

BSDO after CDROM installed

Bsod errors included minidump files.

Crash on boot (No blue screen)

Looking for BSOD help

HELP! BSOD every time the computer is booted

BSOD before and after fresh Windows install. Has ran good since 2008.

Multiple Blue Screens and codes with general use

Need Help many BSOD

BSOD after replacing 4GB Ram with 8GB on windows 7 64 bit

BSOD on FB and playing videos on Youtube.

Getting BSOd Please help

BSOD keeps appearing.

Blues screen

BSOD 0x00000116

BSOD after PC tower was hit

Weird Bluescreen Errors W7

Solved my BSOD . suprized by problem share

BSOD while downloading it seems

BSoD on first Startup!

BSOD after suspension

help with BSOD

BSOD after DDR5 upgrade on HP m9400f

Bsod error randomly doing nothing special

BSOD shutdown during sleep

Blue Screen-!~PLEASE HELP~!

BSOD Happening Randomly

Random BSOD on wife's work computer

Slow to non-existant internet connection.and BSOD

Windows 7 bluescreen

Computer BSOD during gaming

BSOD for 1ms on boot

Windows 7 Random BSOD

Bsod SO many times

BSOD right after Logging In

Clean Install BSOD

BSOD on new build pc happens randomly

BSOD soon after login

Bsod on VM machine

I got a BSOD after try to do a clean start up and going to youtube

Blue screen of death regularly

Blue Screening at Random Intervals

Getting BSOD / Think it might be related to my HDD.

BSOD playing online game

BSOD when trying to boot normally.

Help with Bluescreen please.

BSOD after downloading new iTunes and while using Firefox

Three Different BSOD's

BSOD at bootup and shutdown

0x0a BSOD doing pretty much anything.

Getting BSOD overnight as well as occasionally on startup

Blue Screen error System keeps rebooting/crashing

BSOD occuring weekly

BSOD Unable to determine origin

Getting Random Blue Screens. Can't pinpoint what is causing it.

BSODs on first boots

BSOD randomly occurs

New pc - bsod - Windows 7

BSOD after taking in PC to repair shop

BSOD at different times

BSOD happens at almost any time

Various BSOD and file access problems

Previously got BSOD

BSOD after changing the harddisk (and fresh install win 7)

BSOD. which changes?!

BSOD Error STOP: 0x02B46B13

BSOD after PSU failure

BSOD occuring frequently

BSOD crashes after fresh install of 7 64bit install

BSOD not giving me an errorcode or making a dump

BSOD: Whenever HDMI is inserted.

BSOD upon Editing in Microsoft Word 2007

BSOD-First one on current install W7

windows 7 crash! :(! blue screen 6-10 a day

Very frequent BSOD. Sometimes not even at keyboard

Laptop BSOD when hooked to TV

Blue screen Atikmpag.sys

BSOD on sleep or hibernate

BSOD CDD.DLL when gaming/ using computer.

Random BSODs Caused by Random Files with Differing Stop Codes

BSOD after changing video card and adding ram

Blue Screen from Flash Player

BSOD Different Ways

BSOD occasionally when hibernating

windows7 crash - Bluescreen error?

Different types of BSOD on "new" laptop

BSOD when starting Bluestacks

BSOD when i download from steam

BSOD upon start

BSOD while laptop is idle. 3 times in the past 24 hours

BSOD and display crash

BSOD randomly when opening programs

BSOD need help bad.

Blue Screen while playing Far Cry 3

BSODs for a week

Frequent BSOD Need HELP

BSOD randomly twice in two days since fresh format

Blue Screen - What to do?

BSOD on boot after "Starting Windows" BSOD on safe mode startup aswell

Having issues with BSOD file -perfmon/report

BSOD. happened multiple times.

BSODs on new computer build

BSOD at start-up

BSODs after Windows updates.

How to solve this blue screen problem?

BSOD"S analysis

BSOD at startup (few seconds after logon appears) 0x000000f4

Blue Screen one after another ntkrnlpa.exe

New System and bsod

BSOD while entering sleep mode

BSOD Crash After It Wakes Up!

BSOD doing random stuff on PC

Windows 7 x64 blue screen during games

my hp x16t-1200 crashes and restart without showing any error screen

blue screen of death with 64bit windows 7 on HP laptop

BSOD upon sleep

BSOD during Windows Update Configuration

BSOD while playing Minecraft

BSOD issues - driver or hardware issue?

BSOD at random times with general PC use

BSOD while on standby

Getting BSOD all the time

BSOD issue

BSOD while doing anything. Error 3B or others

Blue Screen Issue. Need help/advice

BSOD(old solution not working)

BSOD while watching YouTube

BSOD when booting

BSOD starting Windows 64bit

BSOD when hibernating or shutting down

Just got this BSOD

Acer Aspire BSOD

Blue screen error plz help

BSOD - multiple Errors

HP has random BSOD over night or when using.

BSOD often during last weeks

New Install Graphic Driver Issue BSOD

Recurring BSOD

Brief BSOD on Startup

bSod 0x000ffff system reapir

BSOD crashing my brand new system

Randomly occurring BSOD

Real BSOD Mess.

Graphics card related BSOD's

Getting Random BSOD with different stop codes

Bsod within certian conditions.

0x00000050 BSOD only when 2 memory modules installed

BSOD:On new Computer

My computer Crash Blue screen help mee :(

IRQl_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Random BSOD While playing Tera

BSOD while gaming Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bits

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