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Secondary XP drive recognized by Windows 7

Formatting Hard drive

HDD shows in Device manager

Installing 7 to an new drive

Cant find Hard drive!

Cant turn on PC with 2 HDD's

Repartitioning Hardrive

3Tb SATA III HDD work with W7 home premium 64 bit?

Formatting old OS drive?

disappearing hard drive after resume from sleep

LG cell phone listed along with hard drives - causing crashes.

Different performance on partitions (same HD

Frequent hdd access

Random hard drive lock-ups

hard drive question

cant load new drive

Bios wont recognise my partitioned drive with the windows set up on it

3TB Seagate capacity reduced to 750GB after failed Win 7 install

What's causing my HDD to run constantly

External Hard Drive Blue Screen

My harddisk capacity reduced from 500GB to 30 GB

If my hard drive is broken.

Moving my Windows 7 install to another HD

HDD size reporting very wrong

Can't access user's folder on any external hard drive

Recovery Drive now visible when I click on Computer icon

I don't have permission for hard drive

Format disk & booting up

Recycling old hard drives

How do I install Win 7 on two hard drives?

Drive diag tools

Old laptop HDD 2.5 IDE need to recover data on it.

Hard Drive Drama!

One partition or more?

Clean command on 3tb disk containing OS?

using second hdd for class assignment.

Hard drive problems.

USB Hard drive gets detected/installs but doesn't show up.

windows 7 setup cannot found the hard drive

to Clone or to Image that is the ?

Hard drive noise in desktop

Adding new hard disk

Bad Hard drive? BAD MOTHERBOARD!?

Make Usb hard drive Bootable

Changing Hard Drives

Will Win7 32-bit Recognize 4TB Internal HD?

Using old hard drive for external hard drive

can't boot from hd without cd

Will running a HDD as slave drive corrupt its OS?

Can not see HD in my computer

USB 3.0 External HD gets corrupt on shutdown

opinions after HDD failure

What components make enterprise HDDs more reliable than consumer HDDs?

Win 7 keeps asking to format ext hard drive

Removing Ext Hard Drive

Hard Drive stops responding (hang)

Help With Hard Drive Choice

Replacing HD

Using Mac external hard drive with Windows

External HD detected but can't be accessed

Windows can't detect/find HD

External hard drive isn't lighting up or being detected? Urgent!

Can't view MY PICTURES folder on secondary drive

Adding old hard drive to new PC

New System with Old Hard-drive. Seeking advice.

External hard drive doesn't work with W7

Computer searching for drives ad infinitum

Installing new 4TB Hard Drive with GPT won't format

2.5" multi-bay external enclosures

4TB HDD appears as 2tb

hard drive dead?

Hard Drive exceeded normal parameter?

External hard drive shows up in devices but not in my computer

Disk test for windows

HDD SMART Check alert

Change of Hard Drive and re-installation

Entire hdd accidentially formatted

Win7 (+ W10) 2nd partition of USB disc not recognized

Newly added HDD not searchable

swapping hard disks

permission from administration to hard disk drive?

External esata backup drive causing my PC to freeze

Hard drive not responding HELP!

How do I change primary drive to my new 340G SSD?

Problem cloning hard drive

New master HDD install and Partition/Format.

Running One Windows 7 Hard Drive On Two Machines

Hard Drive showing as full mysteriously

Restore from another PC with another Operating System

Unable to format external HDD

3 TB drive -- W7 32 bit can only access 2.1 TB

Acidentally Formated my C Drive

2 hard drives

SSD Issues with Windows Install? Drive Space wrong?

Need advice on installing 2nd 320GB HDD

1Tb HDD not accessible anymore =( Unreadable file sectors

hard drive ok

Repurposing old drive

Secondary Hard Drives Randomly Disappear

hard drive formatted on vista says not formatted on my vista pc

How do I move a system image to another drive?

Hard drive upgrade questions.

Move existing windows installation to a different drive

External hard drive- how to pick one and install it.

HDD Space Disappearing

my computer/hard drive image? stupid question!

HDD is off unless I require it

erasing data by location on hdd

Hard Drive about to die

IDE drive caddy problems

Hard Disk clicking

Partation Info needed

Hard Drive spins up

External hard drive making clicking sounds

new reconized drive

W7 Reinstall when hard drive crashed

slow access to hard disk

System Image - Hard Drive Clone

Buying A New Hard Drive

Can't View Hardrive in My Computer(Computer) after 2 or 3 uses.

Windows will not allow me to re-format a drive E:

212 Missing GB's

missing 44gb of my hdd

Can't transfer old Internal SATA III drive onto a new PC

Hard DRive Question Help 5400rpm on OS would it hurt me?

USB ATA HD: Primary vs Logical

How to display a hard drive on the desktop?

Two hard drives only one shows up?

Idea: Moving hibernate file between identical computers

Hard Drives

Using a 3TB drive

samsung hdd

upgrading HD with Windows 7

Please Help! External HD suddenly became "unallocated".

Retrieving Data from Old Hard Drive

HDD constantly seeking

1 TB External HDD comaptibility issue with Core 2 Duo

HDD seen on USB and not on 1394

Installing Win 7 on 2nd hard drive

Connecting SATA & Power Cables

Western Digital drive showing up with Unallocated in disc management

Installing windows 7 on 4TB GPT disk

Cannot access old HDD in usb case

Can't defrag external HDD

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