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The Council of Ministers of the USSR issued its decision to build "multi-storey buildings in Moscow" in the winter of 1947. It was Joseph Stalin's personal idea to build eight towers in Moscow to mark the city's 800th anniversary. They ended up building seven. Later on, Rossiya Hotel was built and now Zaryadye park is being laid out where the eighth tower should have been. In Stalin's vision, most of the towers were to stand on the riverbanks to underscore the bends of the Moskva River and the hills. The construction proved extremely challenging. Soviet engineers had to think creatively. They had to freeze the ground underneath one tower and keep it frozen while the construction lasted to make sure the building stood firmly and did not slide into a nearby pit. The beautiful indoor bas-reliefs, had they been made in stone, could have collapsed under their own weight. For fear of that happening, the bas-reliefs were made from papier-mâché, and then gold-plated or painted bronze. This was a widespread technique in Moscow, used on the Bolshoi Theatre interiors to achieve the desired acoustic effect, and on numerous palaces and manors as well.


Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel

Natalya Garnelis/TASS
Leningradskaya was meant as a hotel for tourists and business travellers arriving at one of the three nearby railway stations: Kazansky, Leningradsky or Yaroslavsky. But in reality few could afford to stay at Hotel Leningradskaya. This 136-metre (446-feet) tall tower, dominating Komsomolskaya Ploschad (Komsomolskaya Square), was designed by Leonid Polyakov and Alexander Boretsky and built in 1954. The walls in the lobby are faced with a rare finishing material and adorned with a bas-relief depicting Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy. The imposing bronze chandelier lights five stories at the same time. Due to its luxurious decorations, Hotel Leningradskaya had cost more than any other tower to build. Leningradskaya is now a Hilton.
Natalya Garnelis/TASS
This 26-storey tower in the mouth of the Yauza was built in 1952 to the design of well-known Moscow architects Dmitry Chechulin and Andrei Rostkovsky. The building was meant as housing for Soviet dignitaries and celebrities, so Lavrentiy Beria personally supervised the construction. The building with the annexes has some 700 apartments, ranging in comfort level from modest single-rooms to sumptuous four-rooms. Most of the people who lived here were cultural figures in the Soviet Union. The poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, film director Yuri Lyubimov, actress Faina Ranevskaya, writer Konstantin Paustovsky, and one of the architects of the building, Dmitry Chechulin, lived here at different times. The tower on Kotelnicheskaya Naberezhnaya (Kotelnicheskaya Embankment) has appeared in a number of films, most notably, the Soviet classic Pokrovsky Gate, and more recently, Stilyagi and Brigada. The Illuzion Cinema, which has occupied the ground floor of the building since Soviet years, shows films from archives and festivals, as well as regular movies.
Natalya Garnelis/TASS
The 156-metre (512-feet) tall tower at Kudrinskaya Ploschad (Kudrinskaya Square), built in 1954, was conceived as a housing block, and remains one to this day. The building was designed by famous Soviet architects Mikhail Posokhin (the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, Prospekt Kalinina (Kalinin Avenue) (presently New Arbat), and the Olympic National Sports Complex) and Ashot Mndoyants. Soviet officials and test pilots were among the people who moved into the 450 plus apartments in this building. The building at Kudrinskaya Ploschad is one of the finest of the seven. It has more bas-reliefs and sculptures on its facade than any other Stalin's tower. The entrance and floor lobbies are decorated with beautiful chandeliers and mirrors. The building was designed with the option to seal every floor completely from unauthorized entry. So make sure you have friends inside before you go on a tour. The Moscow Zoo is right next door. When plastic windows were not available, residents were often disturbed by the noises of the animals that woke up early.
Natalia Garnelis/TASS
Of all the Stalin's towers, this is one of the stateliest. This 27-storey, 172-metre (564-feet) tall tower, designed by Vladimir Gelfreikh and Mikhail Minkus, was built in 1953. The tower, which for many years has remained the home of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, has spawned countless urban legends about spies, intelligence agents, secret tunnels and diplomatic dramas. The Ministry building is the only tower that has no customary five-pronged star on its spire.
Natalya Garnelis/TASS
Hotel Ukraina, the latest of Moscow's seven towers to be built, is perhaps the best-known. The 34-storey building was the tallest hotel in Europe when it opened in May 1957. In addition to the apparent merits of its design, credit for which goes to the architect, Arkady Mordvinov, the building benefits from its advantageous location, standing at a the Moskva River bend, right where Kutuzovsky Prospekt (Kutuzovsky Avenue) begins. Hotel Ukraina is visible from practically any spot in the centre of Moscow. It is the perfect illustration of Joseph Stalin's plan, which was to build the seven towers close to the river so that they are visible from afar, shaping the look of the city's embankments and its skyline. At different times, Hotel Ukraina welcomed such distinguished guests as actors Marcello Mastroianni and Robert de Niro, composer Michel Legrand, singers Cesaria Evora and Patricia Kaas, and artist Herluf Bidstrup. It is not necessary to stay at Hotel Ukraina to appreciate its interiors or see Moscow from high up. Visit one of its many bars or restaurants instead, some of which are open 24/7.
Natalya Garnelis/TASS
The Moscow State University (MSU) building at Vorobyovy Gory is as much a symbol of Russia as the Bolshoi Theatre, the Volga River or Lake Baikal. The 240-metre (787-feet) tall main building of MSU, the tallest tower of the seven, was designed by a team of architects temporarily led by Boris Iofan (who also designed the House on the Embankment), and built in 1953. The building, which houses several MSU departments and its administrative offices, was originally designed with apartments for university staff. They say that the sculptor Vera Mukhina had proposed to the architects and personally Lavrentiy Beria, who supervised the construction, to place her famous Worker and Kolkhoz Woman sculpture in the middle of the plaza outside the main entrance, but Beria declined. Nowadays the MSU main building is frequently used as an arena for 3D laser shows. You cannot just walk into the building, but you can sign up for an excursion to the Earth Science Museum, which occupies several floors in the building.
Natalya Garnelis/TASS
Tall enough as it is, at 138 metres (453 feet), the tower at Ploschad Krasnye Vorota (Krasnye Vorota Square) looks even taller as it stands at the highest point of Sadovoye Koltso. This administrative and residential building, designed by Alexey Dushkin and Boris Mezentsev, was constructed in adverse conditions concurrently with the construction of Krasnye Vorota Metro station. The tower constantly threatened to collapse into the Metro pit. To make sure that never happened, the tower was built on pre-frozen ground and at an incline. Some of the best engineering talent was recruited to design the tower and calculate the incline. The same trick with the freezing of the ground was used when they built the Moscow Metro. The tower replaced an old neighbourhood. Poet Mikhail Lermontov was born in one of the houses there.
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Hi everyone, I suffered a pretty nasty break in my right pinky finger while playing basketball in 2012. I did have surgery; however, it did not go as well as I would have hoped and my PIP joint has since fused at about 60 degrees of flexion. I have lived with the break since 2012, but I...

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caseyatbat 1

Almost 7 weeks ago, I sustained a crush injury to the fingertip on my right index finger (my predominant hand). I required stitches to my ruptured soft tissue, my nail came off, and I broke the bone in the tuft/tip of my finger. It's at a point where it's clear the soft tissue is going to heal...

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Sjrunner1992 2

At work, I've been using my left hand for the mouse. I also use the middle finger to click. Recently, I've been noticing that sometimes my middle finger tends to pause/holds while I press the mouse. ​Today I tried to test out the middle finger by tapping on the table. I notice that the...

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cameron19716 1

Two of my fingers are very deviated at the joint as a result of the impact of a cricket ball (basically the weight and size of a small rock for Americans). I cannot remember the exact date of the injuries, but they are several years old and caused severe pain at the time, although I did not notice any...

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On the 30th of April, during soccer practice, someone shot a ball against my hand. I don't know exactly how the ball landed, but since I had bruises on my fingers as well as my hand, I think it hit flat on the top (must have been holding my hand flat on my stomach). The pain was in my thumb though,...

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By Thomas Xavier | Updated: 17 Comments

A while back, I received a question that asked about the best way to FOOTWEAR Lowtops amp; sneakers Kendall Kylie WTRmbvnbA
, a common problem, especially considering how much easier it is to sharpen carbon steel than stainless steel. Well, it seems a lot of you benefited from that article, and as a result, I thought it’d be a good idea to do a very similararticledetailing how one can sharpen ceramic blade knives, since those are even more tricky to sharpen.

Ceramic is basically the black sheep material of the cutlery industry, and whilst many do like using it in the kitchen, I’m not personally all that fond of it myself. If you haven’t jumped the gun and purchased some ceramic knives yet, but are considering it, I’d suggest against it. I describe why in Shoes Gabor black Gabor qgYVdFqni
, that discussesthe pros and cons of using a ceramic blade knife over a steel blade knife.

First: Yes, Ceramic Knives Do Eventually Get Dull

Over the past few years we have been swamped with advertising that equates ceramic as the viable alternative to steel, especially for kitchen knives. Ceramic has beenpromoted with the incredibly silly marketing promise that it never gets dull: obviously we know this is nonsense. Ceramic (as used in cutlery) is primarily made ofZirconia (zirconium dioxide), which, while it does have some advantages, is by no means a wonder material – a fact anyone who has usedceramic knivesfirsthand knows.

The main crux of the problem is that, while ceramic looks and feels great, it’s also incredibly brittle, and thus much easier to break than any steel knife you could imagine. With that in mind, when it comes to sharpening a ceramic knife,you absolutely must keep in mind that under no circumstances shouldyou exert too much pressure on the blade laterally . Or it will literally snap in half. I’ll explain this in further detail below, but it’s the one rule to sharpening ceramic you’ll need to remember.

For those who have sharpened blades besides those made of ceramic, you need to keep this rule in mind particularly because you’ll likely be looking for some kind of spring or feedback – like with all the steel knives you’ve sharpened in the past. Ceramic does not give when pressure is applied, much like glass, so don’t expect any level of spring or feedback with these, period.Also,when sharpening ceramic, unlike sharpening steel no burr will be formed because ceramic is not a ductile material.As a result, edge sharpness will ultimately be dependent on the final grit of the edge and how precise your movements are.

Now on to explaining that single most important rule further. The picture below is the perfect example of what you should never do . As I said, you shouldn’t be applying too much pressure on the blade laterally, and with this kind of positioning, you may think you are not applying much at all, but it takes just a touch too much and snap – there goes your nearly new ceramic knife. Positioning your hands this way is basically inviting risk – don’t do it.

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By M.L. Nestel
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US Customs and Border Protection
WATCH What we know about immigrant children being separated from their parents

Young migrant children, fighting through tears, can be heard crying "Mami" and "Papa" in an eight-minute audio clip Techloom Phantom Calf Hair Sneakers Athletic Propulsion Labs k72mv1hnr

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The children are believed to be between 4 and 10 years of age, and they're crying because their parents have been detained elsewhere after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, according to an activist who provided the recording.

"Well, we have an orchestra here -- what's missing is a conductor," said a male voice on the recording, someone believed to be a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

One of the children heard on the recording is a 6-year-old girl from El Salvador begging a consulate official to let her call her aunt. She repeats the digits and announces, through tears: "My mommy says that I'll go with my aunt, and that she'll come to pick me up there as quickly as possible."

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