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Frequent System Freezing.

Help With Default Icon Desktop Save Location

Recording issue - "Show Disabled Devices" does not work

SFC /scannow won't complete . tried everything except a hammer

How can I prevent constant reboots?

Action Center don't see Antivirus!

PC's Microphone will not hold setting

Losing Access to Control Panel

Dell OEM upgrade

Wireless card driver problems

Install software for single user only

Windows won't boot and either hangs or loops

customize my computer page

No display after a minute

Changed Windows 10 back to Windows 7 and ALL emails gone

How do I split application windows to top and bottom half easily?

icons spacing

Best SSD(solid state drive) for Windows7

Computer Link in Start Menu Doesn't Work.

Accidentally disabled my speakers

I hate windows 7

Re-install w7: cannot move past Starting Windows screen

Lots off BSOD like 0x3b

Dell laptop mouse autoclicks!

OEM or Upgrade?

Windows will not boot.

Slow start up after installing WD Mainstream HDD

PC changes to windows Basic 1 minute after turning on

Missing 'equalizer' in Realtek HD audio manager

Some text appears blurry

bad install disk

Three BSODs in the last year. No activity connection.

Random BSODs during different tasks each time

NAS units cannot be found

Windows 7 & Snow Leopard : Printer Sharing

windows mail problems

Stop 0x124

Unable to open few folders from context menu

16 GBs of RAM not working on ASUS motherboard

Strange problems on new Enterprise 32-bit laptop. Please help!

Applications don't display fonts correctly

winload.efi missing or corrupt error when trying to use startup repair

BSOD after logging in [0x01a - dump attached]

HELP! classic BSOD problem!

audio driver lagging when listen music

Activation Problem

Wierd dual monitor qlitch that messed up laptop monitor

Windows 7 doesn't Detect Wireless Adaptor

Ongoing Annoying Problem!

how to resize my win7 partition

How to revert to Windows 7 from 10 after 30 days.

No sound through SPDIF out (red) Optical.

Please help me with my documents folder location -URGENT


cant save files to system folder

Changing Titlebar/Top Toolbar in Windows 7

Constant BS crash

OT - Problem connection a NAS device to my home LAN

Dell Vostro 3500 nvidia problem.

SLOW loading folder

Strange FREE UpGrade needs Activation

Free Windows 7 Upgrade

Font Removal (the right way)

Stuck in Startup Repair Loop after running Avast/No safemode option

Frequent BSOD with ks.sys error

move desktop shortcut?

Disconnecting 2nd monitor never remembered or followed

Belkin Wireless N+ Network Adapter Issue


Rename folders in left pane - feature or bug?

Network connection cannot find driver although I have it installed.

Extremely slow internet when coming out of sleep mode.

Ethernet to USB converter showing problems(no network connection)

Problem with driver usb wifi

Taskbar Auto Organizing?

Folders disappeared in My Music Folder

windows 10 C drive = 92gb? all files on C drive = 32gb?

Okay to upgrade to 10 with unresolved problems in 7?

Start Menu not remembering recent items frequency

Need help with back up my computer for windows10

personalize doesnt opens and control panel too.

Computer unable to boot into windows 7 or recovery mode etc.

problem with my notebook driver~

Where can I buy the full retail version of 7 -- not system builders

Win 7/ie/& ssd performance

Computer Sleep Issue

Windows 10: should I stay or should I go?

Trouble with experience window rating

Random freezing and BSODs

Every few days my Computer crashes i GET A BSOD

Is this a safe script for installing several desktop theme packs at.?

An update has messed up my boot config

Questions about Start Bar Behaviour

Upgrade Fails on TWO PCs - Same Error

BSOD random while idling or during light tasks.

Can't do an Upgrade Install - Different Language

Disable Frequently Opened Folders

Windows says product ID blocked

Where sould my Bluetooth hardware be listed in Device Manager?

wont allow me to use my windows key


Idiots Guide to Uninstall GWX?: It's Back

Windows Explorer Icons Problem!

Questions: Changing start menu & Explorer

7057 Folder Icons displaying incorrectly

Printer (says copy 1)

Windows Search brings 0 bytes "not" empty files

Add/delete program to Autoplay

Prevent windows from installing drivers

Homegroup Password Lost

Keep getting BSOD randomly

Bsod after 5 minutes from startup

BSOD appeared only once but my computer has been restarting automatic

Automatically change font size when connected to bigger display

Windows 7 applications hidden under taskbar

Wish to edit detail properties of files in window

Stuck installing upgrade on new ssd drive

Computer crashing regular sometimes bsod sometimes straight to reboot

created a new user but docs still saved in old user

Remove date from system tray

Windows will not load

New Computer freezes at random times. No BSOD

Computer on an endless restart loop

Insert USB flash drive--machine intermittent sys error?

Do I need Windows Defender when I have other antivirus software

How can I fix USB Mass storage problem on my laptop?

Software to alert when computer goes in to sleep/ hibernate mode

Just cleaned- Now random freezes

laptop wont go to sleep properly

Attempting to upgrade from W7 to W10

Creative X-Fi Xtremegamer

Update to win 10 icon

Moving pinned programs to the right of the taskbar

remove microsoft keyboard notification from taskbar ?

Change product key feature wont load

Wi-fi Adapter Auto-Disable at Startup

Wiimote on 64 bit systems?

iTunes won't recognize my iPhone!

Laptop turns on but doesn't load OS after hibernation/sleep

Bsod's PLease Help!

New Homegroup

Multiple BSOD's on windowslogon/random

Win 7 Pro not activating after clean install

Annoying Keyboard issues

Can't Create Zip Folder Anymore

Windows Mail question on veiwing the contacts

New PC w/ native W7

Caption Buttons are too big

Problem with homegroup computer

Suddenly cannot print to wireless printer - worked fine until now

Did not ask for the upgrade - now what?

Computer freezeups

Yukon 88E8059 Ethernet Drivers

Taskbar mouse over

Lost permissions on many registry keys

ASK: Unknown Program in Taskbar

After Clean Install: Battery Charge Issues

Windows Firewall vs Third Party Firewalls

PC crash and reload (again)

Win 10 - won't upgrade due to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 HELP!

First time user profile creation takes 3 minutes

Another Taskbar problem

New Laptop.fresh install OEM

Windows 10: upgrade information

BSOD 5 minutes after computer start

want to get into my old windows

After Windows updates

Increase number of folders remembered in Windows Explorer history?

Should I use Windows Defender with Panda Free AV & Malwarebytes?

Bsod during Random Times. Error 0x000000x1E.

Application Specific Sound Configuration? (Stereo vs Dolby)

delete old networks

Windows Search finds unexisting files

Recycle Bin Item Not Refreshing Unless "Refreshed"

Windows 7 upgraded to 10

printer(problem install)

crashing windows help plz

Windows 7 activation key blocked after downgrading from 10

My Win7 is booting too fast (and I have a funny problem with this)

Stopping Defrag on SSD Drive

Can't clear printer que

BSoD Stop Error Code 0x0000010D (Iunno what the cause is.)

Restore default ClearType settings?

Audio sound on my acer core i5 laptop became too low - How to fix it?

Windows 7 activation 'Must reinstall" OEM Windows

Re-name to the pinned icons menu at start?

Dual-Boot Issue

Windows Not Booting

BSOD when downloading with u-/bittorrent

win7 64bit lags n high fan sound

Upgrade Vista to Win 7 Question

Windows 10 Reversal?

My experience goes from bad to worse! Product Key Not VALID?

High ram usage?

Unable to. Upgrade windows 7 because of ati issues

Homegroup - Not Easy To Get Rid OF.

how ignore the "Upgrade to Windows10" Option link in Windows update?

Does Windows Defender actually do anything

Cursor Auto open feature

Upgrade what HW for Window 7

SkyDrive wont stop running at boot

BSOD after using the computer for 10 - 20 minutes (please help)

Programs Crashing When I Start Them

Windows Explorer Navigation Pane Autoscroll

BSOD after launching bluestack

Windows will not start

Fresh 7 install + Freeze = no minidump

Absolutely NO Hibernate

Windows Crashing

Disable Disk Defrag on SSD?

System wakes up on its own (hp tm2)

Major issues after windows updates - PC wont shutdown

Restoring Using Dell Factory Partition - can I move to SSD?

BSOD happening sometime during system idel; random

DxDiag Version Compatibility Issue

Windows won't sleep

Audio Driver wont enable

Cannot install ITunes

Activation required after moving hard drive from laptop to desktop

BSOD when windows tries to update


Background changer issue

no sound drivers

Computer Freezing + Blue Screen Errors

BSOD random time while doing data entry

No internet/network connection after upgrade to Windows

PC sound stutters

Fairly new Toshiba laptop (C55Dt-A5231) lacking performance. Advice?

Unable to login with new accounts

Is W7 worse when doing upgrades?

Get back to "Classic" or copy/paste file path

Upgrading to windows 10 before July 29th

Windows partion extend problem

Brightness Issues - Intel HD Graphics 5500

Can't go into sleep mode


very annoying bug in win 7

BSOD From Driver_IRQL error

No Audio service / problems with Graphics card

Problem opening software

Help me find correct windows version

Windows 7 64 Bit very random freezing at wit's end!

Windows animations

Self restart while installing windows with fresh build

Too much memory usage?

eSATA Harddrive doesn't always show up

Reinstalling windows as ACHI mode

How do you make Jumplist items survive application upgrades?

Can't change Computer name

Can windows defender run with another anti virus program?

Should I get Home Premium?

Weird failed install problem.7057 upgrade.

Mouse sticks at window borders - Win 7

Audio lag and distortion

Open folder and have thumbnail pics question

WMP Won't Play after installing latest Realtek driver

TaskBar - Pinned Shortcuts dissappear/stop working

Freeze ups and BSOD events in custom built computer

Issue w/ rocketdock and win7 taskbar

resolution change after rebooting or wake up from sleep

Desktop not refreshing upon file deletion/moving

windows will not boot past the microsoft logo

BSOD id 41 Kernel-power

BSOD due to utorrent

Random BSOD's since upgrading pc

W7 taskbar issue (not common one)

System partition randomly jump to Backup drive

Desktop background slideshow stops working after a while

Standard user unable to access Administrator rights

BSOD forced me to reinstall / now I'm getting major update errors

Acer UEFI mode will not resume Hibernation

Setting Autoplay options

Upgrading the Upgrade after Activation question

Instal Problem


Full Version vs Upgrade

AMD Radeon HD 7970M Graphics Driver Not Installing

Why does Japanese letters appear as boxes on my computer?

family safety parental control problem

BSOD while doing skype or other daily tasks

Customizing Windows Explorer's/File Explorer's Right Pane (Win7/Win10)

Boot BSOD - Atikmpag.sys STOP 0x116

Problem Installing a software. PLEASE HELP!

BSOD in Bootcamp

.jpeg not listed in default programs

Recovery Drive Full and asked to choose from two Windows 7s at startup

Public Documents can not be shared

Windows automatically updates even if I set to "let me choose"

BSOD'ish problem playing games

Problem With Intel 4000HD graphic card Driver

Odd Issues After System Upgrade

BSOD STOP: 0x00000124. Happens 2x a day

Custom Start Menu

For nigh 20 years. why does windows still do this?

How to clean install windows 10?

A novice's guide to a clean install of Windows 7

Fixing Slow Internet Connectivity After Windows Updates

installation reboot problem.

Why so many updates all the time?

Screen black after sleep wakeup

Disappearing Icons and Slow Response Time

Computer Freezes intermittently - no BSODs

Files/ Folders Wont Open?

Word file lost apparently during update

Volume Mixer Resets to 0

Keeping windows saved upon shutdown

Remove "Get Windows 10" from taskbar

Win 10 password

Newbie activation question about adding a new primary HD

Search won't work in 'computer' (my computer)

How can I have full 'Administrator rights' for my user account?

Very random BSOD

I need a file to associate my CD drive to open blank

Disable dropshadows from windows in REGEDIT

Display Resolution Problem

Dual boot-Stopped working!

Weird Windows 7 x64 Problems

Unable to activate windows due to a missing product key character

Windows 10: Unable to keep desktop icons in selected position

windows 7 taskbar staying present on fullscreen programs and games


Gamma resets on reboot

What build do I have!

svchost.exe help internet

When i upgrade my motherboard and cpu will i need to call microsoft

Almost complete hang after login

I need to prevent the focus window from coming to the top

BSOD with no event viewer records

Win 7 says it's not authorized after using Acronis True Image

My user folder is gone from explorer

BSOD help plz nhml

Windows Explorer BUG - Can't install programs/upload files pics inside

Changing the installing username?

Upgrading to Windows 10

acer 5552 speakers stopped working after installing audio driver

Is there something you have to do with Acronis on Windows 10?

Got a goofy window when booting

BSOD - randomly - anyone help!

2 Users Not Listed

Desktop bar disappeared after restart?

computer says not compatible with wifi wat to do

change the font size of left pane of the control panel nochange in dpi

Laptop reinstalling all updates and creating odd folders

Windows License?

BSOD while running torrents

Realtek small panel bug?

How can I tell if correct chipset driver is installed

Working in Background Symbol comes on ALL the time

computer crashed- startup repair does nothing

Windows 10

Disabling ntfs compression/win 7 hp

Win7 Pro Retail or OEM

BSOD Intel Graphics Kernel Mode Driver

Will windows treat a restored backup as another use of it's key?

Fresh/new install of Windows 7 from USB to HD stalls will not load

What is a clean install exactly?

computer crashed re installed now no touchpad

Another BSOD topic

OEM version - a little info please. "UPDATE"

No Sound after install - HELP to find compatible driver

Backup Error code: 0x81000019

is there a way to reinstall windows7 without all the bloatware &

Problems with Sound card Driver.

Sound Recorder will not open.

BSOD After Windows Upgrading

BSOD this while trying to copy files over a network. DMP file attached

window pages not loading in full mode

Blue screen NVLDDMKM.sys when trying to burn a DVD

Win7 STOPPED showing NAS and its shares properly in Windows Explorer

Restart freezes on manufacture's boot screen after clean install

Bug in Explorer? Networking with older OS

Minimize Maximize Close Panel Configuration in Skype

Exchanging Motherboard/CPU

Crashes and cannot reinstall!

My desktop icons will not open when I click on or right click on them

Random BSOD happening sometimes when not doing anything. Please Help

Size of the fonts and picture in login screen.

How can I change my computer and not lose use of my favorite software

Autoplay prompts for every disk inserted despite set to open folder

Screensaver will not work and displays will not go into standby mode

Windows 10 Broke my laptop

Office 2010 Update Troubles

multiple bsod:page_fault_in_nonpaged_area help please dell e6410

Adjust the default width of snapped windows?

Windows couldn't find my AntiVirus

Application windows not opening in the center ?

Cant upgrade Win 7 in place

Disable Auto-Focus in Windows Explorer

Set computer to sleep

SyncToy echo settings.?

Windows Vista upgrade to Windows 7 Pro - BSOD (Sort of)

Allow 1 screen to focus on desktop

Windows7 64bit: Computer freezes / no Bluescreen

I need the best OS and i'm really not sure about Win 7

Cloned SSD fails to boot unless old HDD is plugged in via caddy

I have lost administrative right!? :S

office 2003 unstable on 1 out of 3 machines

BSOD while using uTorrent

Newbe clean install successful but.

Windows 10 64 Bit Monitor display turns off after 2 minutes!

Extremely slow boot after upgrade to 16GB

BSOD on running uTorrent

AutoPlay not working for real or virtual CDs

Problem Uninstalling Programs

Driver causing Windows 10 to lose sleep

Unwanted language keeps popping up in my keyboard languages

Laptop is delayed in resuming from sleep.

Windows Aero Effect on ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 Card

How does reinstalling windows affect other partitions?

Bluetooth drivers appear in Windows update but never seen before.

BSOD with shutting down my computer and turning cam on on msn

Any resolve for Forced Automatic Refresh & Sorting of files/folders

FIX: Stop computer from Hibernating so soon after Sleep Mode

Partition Drive Folders are locked(Help)

WindowsImageBackup trouble!

Turn off display after 10 mins; lock desktop after 30 mins?

How to clean up drop-down menus of obsolete printers

HIS Radeon 4350 impossible to install driver

problem with touch pad scroll function after auto updat

Windows 7 upgrade from. Windows 7?

Windows 7 Firewall Enough?

BSOD on resume from hibernation?

Slow shut-down.

Creative X-Fi WDM Drivers

slower boot time after patch? how?!

No All Programs List

Printers won't go away~!

Desktop icons unclickable

HElp WhIt start bar

Anoying black bars interlace Windows aero ?

How to get Win Explorer & others in regular taskbar ?

two audio devices at the same time

New updates force WX upgrade

CD burning - file system problem

CMOS Battery & Internet Time Sync (and USB HDD): Are they related?

Hibernation with dualboot

How to Stop Windows 10 Upgrade

Decrease space icons in taskbar

Several Random BSOD's

ERUNT to restore using the command prompt

Win 7 Professional "Explorer View" changed unexpectedly

My copy of Win7 expires on 2nd July!

Admin Control problem

Poor resolution in some apps

Is my activated windows LEGAL ?

Please help me get rid of the Windows 10 upgrade

missing light blue ribbon on top of task bar

Issue with Webcam

Drives won't map for users with Admin rights

the task bar "folder" pinned "program"

Keyboard incorrectly inputting backslash on Windows only

Issues with recent Windows Update

Certain websites slow/unresponsive after Windows updates

Windows will not load into or beyond login

Windows 10 CPU not supported (Windows 7)

Fan running at Full Speed

Not Recognised As Admin By Windows 7

BSOD bittorrent

Changing Welcome/Login Screen Background Back To Default

My sound cut after trying to upgrade to windows 10!

BSODs happening for tons of reasons

How to move location of Public folders to another harddrive

Running An Older Program: How

How do I force windows to use a driver it doesn't list?

Computer Crashing Randomly After Update

Windows 7 drivers work on Windows 8?

Hibernate Button Does Function Properly

Need some help PC is freezing ALOT

BSOD and system freeze

Laptop freezes when I use skype and when I close the lid.

Problem with the screen saver and wallpaper

How to delete e-mail files on Windows Start Search Bar?

pinned Toolbar problem

Installing older programs on Windows 7

BSOD when trying to install windows updates or League Of Legends

ATI Users - Uninstall/Reinstall Qs

BSOD randomly! Please help me

Index Search Isn't Working Properly

I want to get GWX.

Frequent BSOD/PC freezing

BSOD with utorrent

Wireless Adapter + Headset causing slow preformance/freezes

BSOD ndis.sys "driver_irql_not_less_or_equal"

More Windows Update Problems?

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